The future of refunds

Fastback is a new and innovative revolution that's here to provide you with a solution that is long overdue. Fastback transforms your return and refund experience with instant refunds.

Waiting 5-30 business days for a refund leaves consumers in limbo; cash restrained, stressed, and in fear of shopping freely. We're here to solve that problem in the simplest way. With Instant Refunds.

Fastback has created sophisticated technology and user experience that unlocks cash and provides consumers with certainty in the timing of their refund. Fastback strives to enable customers to have optionality, knowing that their refunds won't be tied up if they choose to return the items.

Our Team

Fastback was created by a small but passionate team that has vast experience in consumer experience.  Our team is growing, and so is our commitment to our mission.

Eli Lax
Head of Marketing / Founder
Jodie Lichtenstein
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Yitz Dancziger
Chief Technology Officer
Faye Rosenberg
Chief of Staff
Dmytro Mieshkov
Engineering Team Lead

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