Consent to Use Electronic Records and Signatures and Communications Authorization

As used in this Consent to Use Electronic Records and Signatures and CommunicationsAuthorization (the “ESIGN Consent”), the terms “us,” “our,” and “we,” shall mean ApaceRefunds LLC, also known as Fastback. and any of our owners, officers, employees, agents,service providers, or affiliates. The terms “you,” and “your,” shall refer to each natural personwho has or may in the future maintain an Online Account or obtain any services from us.Capitalized terms that are not defined in this ESIGN Consent are defined in the Terms andConditions.To open and maintain an Online Account on our Website and to request and receive anyServices that we may agree to provide to you, you must agree to provide your signature oncertain legally binding contracts in an electronic form, rather than physically signing suchagreements using pen and paper. Similarly, you must agree that me may provide certain noticesor disclosures that we are required to provide to you “in writing” by sending them to youelectronically.

As such, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You consent to the use of electronic signatures and that any notice or information that
    we must provide to you in writing may be transmitted to you electronically. Together,
    electronic signatures and communications of required disclosures or notices shall be
    referred to in this ESIGN Consent as “Electronic Records.” We may obtain an electronic
    signature from you in various ways, including, but not limited to, by asking you to click
    on a link, image, or button on our Website. We will always clearly disclose to you when
    any action you take on the Website is intended to service as your electronic signature.
    Examples of notices that we may provide to you electronically include, but shall not be
    limited to, providing copies of any payment authorization or confirmation, or providing
    you with any notices relating to the privacy or security of your Online Account. We may
    transmit Electronic Records to you by, for example, emailing them to the email address
    you used to open your Online Account, or to your last known email address. At our sole
    discretion, we may choose to send you any required notices on paper rather than
  2. You may receive paper copies of Electronic Record by submitting a request to Unless prohibited by applicable law, we may charge
    you a fee to provide you with paper copies of any Electronic Records that you request.
  3. This ESIGN Consent applies to each of the agreements between you and us, to all
    Services that you request from us, even if we do not agree to provide such Service to
    you, and all our interactions and dealings with you that arise from or relate in any way to
    the Website or any of our Services.
  4. If you choose not to agree to this ESIGN Consent we may, at our sole discretion, stop
    providing our Services to you, close your Online Account, and/or charge you additional
    higher or additional fees for our Services. Your use of the Website will be subject to the
    applicable Terms and Conditions notwithstanding any rejection or revocation of this
    ESIGN Consent. If you reject or revoke this ESIGN Consent in connection with one of our
    Services, such rejection or revocation shall apply only with respect to such Service and
    not to our other Services, unless you expressly state otherwise. You may revoke this
    ESIGN Consent at any timeemailing to: Your
    revocation of consent will be effective after we receive it and have a reasonable period
    of time to act on it.
  5. To the extent that you may be required by any applicable law to provide any notice or
    information to us in writing, you understand and agree that this ESIGN Consent does not
    apply to such requirement, and that you must physically provide such notice or
    information to us on paper even if you have agreed to this ESIGN Consent.
  6. Because we will communicate with you electronically, you must notify us of any changes
    to your email address as soon as you can.
  7. To receive Electronic Records, you must have access to the internet and a computer,
    mobile telephone, or other electronic device capable of running a recent version of any
    of the following internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. If
    you wish to save any Electronic Records, you must have sufficient storage capacity in
    your device to do so. If you wish to print any Electronic Records, you must have access
    to a printer that is capable of doing so. You must also have access to a valid electronic
    email address that you are authorized to use to receive Electronic Records. By
    continuing to use your Online Account or any of our Services after we notify you of any
    changes to our hardware or software requirements, you will be consenting to this ESIGN
    Consent as amended to incorporate such changed hardware or software requirements.

By Accepting and Agreeing to this ESIGN Consent, you certify that you have access tohardware and software that meets these requirements.